Thousands of innovative materials with thousands of possibilities

At Material ConneXion Skövde, which is both an exhibition and a database, thousands of innovative materials are on display. Here, a designer can botanize, product development students can explore possible solutions or a local producer can reach out globally with their material.

Material ConneXion started as an idea in New York, with the aim to make it easy and accessible for the public to find and experience innovative materials or processing methods. A large searchable database was created, but also a library where the visitor could see, feel and touch the materials. Since then, the libraries have grown from New York to other cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Milan, Bilbao, Daegu in Korea and Skövde. The Skövde branch is run by IDC West Sweden AB.

— Through Material ConneXion Skövde, we at IDC can broaden our operations and work with a broader target group throughout the entire value chain, from those who choose a material to those who produce it. Material ConneXion offers not only an exhibition and database, but creative approaches and new ways of thinking where we look at the whole: the value experience, design and business model in symbiosis for a sustainable future”, says Christian Bergman.


For more information about Material ConneXion Skövde, please e-mail: .

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