Welcome to grow with us through a partnership

We are the development company for companies and people in Skaraborg’s manufacturing industry. Our mission is to strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of Skaraborg’s manufacturing industrial companies.

We work as a “junction box” by identifying industrial companies’ needs and then matching them with well-chosen resources for development. We have worked in this way to support Skaraborg’s industrial companies for more than ten years and, at the moment, we have approximately 160 partner companies. Our operations exist for the industry and we expand and develop together with them.

For larger companies

Our projects and efforts are mainly geared towards small and medium-sized manufacturing industrial companies (SMC) but we work for the whole industry, including larger companies. For larger companies, the possibility of participating in projects can be limited, depending on the various prerequisites of the projects. Larger companies can, on the other hand, participate in pilot studies in projects that benefit SMC, and can be an important part of the development of methods and working methods for the industry. Large companies, as with other partner companies, have considerable influence on the region’s industrial development through their partnership; furthermore, they have good possibilities to network and exchange experiences with smaller industrial companies through their partnership in IDC.

IDC offers:
  • Coaching and advice
  • Company analyses
  • Improvement within various areas
  • Access to methods, tools and ways of working specifically development for industry
  • Access to extensive contact networks: IDC collaborates with several stakeholders and can guide you towards the right contact, based on your needs
  • Participation in various functional networks
  • Participation in focus meetings, theme days, seminars, training, and workshops
  • Training for the industry at a reduced price
  • Support and advice concerning financial issues
  • Beneficial agreements for electricity and office material
  • The cost of participating as a partner company

Read more about IDC for the industry

The cost varies depending on the number of employees in the partnership company, as follows:
  • 1– 50 employees, SEK 4 000 (40 shares á SEK 100).
    Service charge: SEK 5 000 per annum
  • 51 – 99 employees, SEK 9 000 (90 shares á SEK 100).
    Service charge: SEK 10 000 per annum
  • 100 – 199 employees, SEK 17 000 (170 shares á SEK 100).
    Service charge: SEK 17 500 per annum
  • 200 – 499 employees, SEK 21 000 (210 shares á SEK 100).
    Service charge: SEK 25 000 per annum
  • >500 employees, SEK 41 000 (410 shares á SEK 100).
    Service charge: SEK 40 000 per annum

The service charges were latest set in June 2019. In connection with subscription of shares, the company will commit to paying the determined service charges to IDC. More detailed information about costs is in the agreement. You will find it here. We safeguard your integrity; read more in our Integrity Policy, which you will find here.

Would you like to grow together with us at the same time as you contribute to the development of the whole region? A warm welcome!