The purpose of this integrity policy is to inform you as a visitor about how IDC West Sweden treats your personal details which are supplied via the website. Furthermore, we would like to make clear how the technology used by our website relates to our visitors’ personal integrity.

Personal data protection

IDC West Sweden cares about your integrity and it is responsible for the personal data you have given us. We would like you to feel safe concerning your integrity. The company’s treatment of customer data adheres to the Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information which can be connected to an identifiable physical person. An identifiable physical person is anyone who can be identified directly or indirectly via, for example, name, civic registration number, picture or place. One important aspect is that the data, separately or in combination with other data, can be connected to a living person.

The treatment of personal data

We need your personal data to give you good service, for example, concerning marketing, follow-ups, and information to be able to conduct customer and market analyses. We use personal data when we have legal grounds and/or so-called ”legitimate interest”. The following are the personal data we use:

  • Name
  • Civic registration number
  • Email address
  • Employer/Company
  • Information you register yourself or volunarily supply
We collect personal data about you when you:


Subscribe to our newsletter

When you sign up as a subscriber to our newsletter, we also ask for consent to be able to store personal data to make it possible to send newsletters to those who have subscribed. We do not share your details with other parties. You have the right to withdraw your consent simply by letting us know. At any time, you can de-register from receipt of our newsletter via the link which is supplied with every mailing.

Sign up for one of our events

When you sign up for our events, we take your personal details in order to contact you before and after the event and to be able to compile a participant list to see the number of participants. When you sign up, you decide whether or not you give us the opportunity to use your personal details to receive information/newsletters.

When you sign up as a partner in IDC West Sweden AB

When you sign up as a partner, we collect information about the company and the contact person in the company; name, telephone number and email address. We need this information for our business system in order to maintain our customer register.

Web site technology

Technology and external tools which are used on our website:


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer every time you visit our website. Our website uses cookies to collect accurate visitor statistics in order to improve our user experience. You can close the cookies-function by changing the settings in your browser. If your choose to do this, certain functions on our website will stop working.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics statistical tools to collect information about how our visitors use our website. The tools do not supply us with information that can be connected to an individual person.


We use Albacross analytical tools to get relevant information about which companies and organisations are interested in our services. The statistics do not supply us with any information that can be connected to an individual person.