Completed projects

Over the years, IDC has completed a number of projects, amongst others, Kompetensnavet, Hållbar industriell utveckling and Möbelbruket.


The next generation of drive lines in Sweden.

The project takes place within the Vinnova program for challenging innovation and it creates the prerequistes for the development of electronic drive lines and efficient value chains for production in Sweden.



The project investigated an efficient public handling of furniture and worked as support where the public sector could find and disseminate information about the circular handling of furniture.

Between 2015 and 2019, the Möbelbruket Project together with the furniture industry investigated how a professional handling of furniture for recycling could be implemented. The aim was to find a working business model which was successful. A finished business model is now being run by the Sajkla company which takes care of questions concerning businesses connected to an industrial qualitative recycling. A rationalised flow of furniture for recycling goes via the supplier networks which have previously taken part in the Möbelbruket Project.

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Hållbar Industriell Utveckling

The project created increased competitiveness for our partner companies by the conversion to a more sustainable business and manufacturing process. In the concept of sustainability, there are three dimensions: socal, economic and ecological.

Sustainable Industrial Development ran between the years 2016 and 2018 and it was run through ”help to self-help” to attain long-term effects. Through a learning organisation, the level is increased internally in the companies and it is retained to be further developed even after the venture. Participating companies have, via the project, received a more systematic and strategic way to work when it comes to the sustainable development of their business and production; this in turn generates a competitive and profitable industry.

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A development project that made a difference.

The Competence Node was run during a three-year period between October 2015 and September 2018. The aim of the project was to secure attractive workplaces for a sustainable future industry and included subjects such as values, mapping of competence, employeeship, involvement, education, equality and diversity.